Thursday, August 4, 2011


John Abraham and Asin have been holding in present times like truant associatesActors John Abraham and Asin have been bonding these days like long lost friends. The two met on the sets of Housefull 2 and sources say that they have remained in touch ever since. "John recently organised a private screening of one of his forthcoming films for Asin. Since, Asin was part of the original, John wanted to know what does she feel about the movie," says a source who's also a part of the film's unit.

But it's not just movies that the two are bonding on; apparently the two are also sharing a lot of tips on workouts. "Asin is very keen on John's workout methods and really appreciates them. John has also shared a lot of tips with her. The two were hanging out a lot when they were shooting together. They even discussed a few movie possibilities, but we don't know the details," the unit member added.

Asin, her staff members on the sets say that she chose to hang out with the boys when they used to get time off from the shooting. "She became a part of the boy's gang. Akshay (Kumar), Mithun (Chakraborthy), John, Riteish (Deshmukh) would hang out together. She felt comfortable with the boys and used to take part in the pranks as well on the sets," her staff member adds.

However it wasn't a smooth start for Asin during the initial phases as she was in trouble because one of her staff members was not granted the visa on time. "Asin flew out without her make-up and hair person. As you know that these people are extremely important for an actorwhen they are shooting. However, everybody helped out Asin with the hair and make-up during the shoot until her staff member arrived. The make-up artist arrived 15 days later, but by that time Asin was already through more than half of the shooting," the unit member ended.

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