Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Bipasha Basu's secret energyActor Bipasha Basu may be known for her lean figure and passion for fitness but there is another aspect to her that only her close friends and family are aware of. Bipasha apparently is obsessed with everything in her home being in perfect order and takes a lot of effort to ensure that the interiors of her home are exactly as she visualised them. 

On the sidelines of an event, Bipasha revealed that she likes the apartment she resides in to be perfect, irrespective of the space she has on hand. "It may be a tiny apartment — or just a room, but it has to be according to my specifications. I've experienced living as a paying guest in Bandra when I was a struggling actor many years back but even back then, I liked to do little things to make the space feel special," said Bipasha.

A source close to the actor also reveals that Bipasha takes a personal interest in selecting the artifacts to adorn her home. "The piece that makes it to her living room or bedroom should speak something to her. She is very particular about that. Bipasha won't just pick something up because it has a designer tag or because of its price. Even simple things like the flowers or paper weight at her home have to be unique and not just another pretty item," says the source.

While Bips has not had any formal training in interior decoration as such, the source says that she inherits this quality from her mom. "She definitely gets this artistic streak from her mom. Their tastes match to a great extent too," says the source. When asked to comment on one of her most special moments in life at the event, Bips spoke of an incident where she had decked up an entire apartment to suit her mom's liking. Apparently, Bipasha had bought an apartment and wanted to gift it to her mom. As usual, she wanted it to be a surprise and didn't let her mom even get a whiff of her plans.

An emotional Bipasha recalled, "Yes. But it was all worth the effort when I saw the look on my mom's face. She walked into the apartment thinking it belonged to a friend of mine. I wanted to see her reaction to the home and I was glad that she liked it instantly and started praising everything in the apartment. Finally she asked me who's home it was? That's when I placed the keys of the home in her hands and said, 'Yours'."

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