Thursday, July 7, 2011


If you receive a request from actor Deepika Padukone, what do you do? You grant it right away! This must be the exact feeling enveloping director Prakash Jha, when Deepika requested him for something. While most actors do it by reserving their demands on their directors, Deepy charmingly requested her director to get her way. Okay, now not holding on to the surprise any further, Deepika has a special wish.
Is Deepika Padukone replicating Katrina Kaif?
The actor wanted a song like 'Mora Piya' from the film 'Rajneeti' to be picturised on her — just like the way it was picturised on actors Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. Known for the melodious music in his films, Jha, for his upcoming film 'Aarakshan', was surprised when he heard of Deepy's request. A source adds, "Deepika is a smart girl and knows exactly how to put forward her wishes. Before the film's shooting, Deepika requested via sms to Prakash Jha to feature a love ballad on her, with a happy face smiley at the end. And her wish was granted. It was bound to — as where most actors reserve peculiar demands for their directors and are in the news for their tantrums. It was clear that Deepika's charming approach to get her special song worked."

When asked about the request, Deepika said, "I remember how 'Mora piya' was such a rage. I remember messaging him (Prakash Jha) to please give me a good romantic song in his new film because Prakashji has a really good sense of music. I was really looking forward to shooting this song and it's turned out amazing. Till now, Mora piya was always played on loop on my mp3 player wherever I was travelling. But now its 'Seedhe point pe aaona', which is such a playful and cute romantic song."

The song features Deepika opposite actor Saif Ali Khan. Just like the Ranbir-Kat chemistry, there is a lot of buzz about Deepika-Saif's camaraderie, which was visible in their earlier film 'Love Aaj Kal'. But we'll have to wait and watch to know if this number becomes a hit amongst the youth... given that the song is a result of Deepika's sweet persuasion.

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