Saturday, June 25, 2011


Sonam Kapoor is surprised by rumours suggesting that she’s agreed to do Anees Bazmee’s next film with dad Anil Kapoor. “Really? When did this happen? I haven’t spoken to Aneesji in a while. There is still time for me to feel confident enough to share screen with dad,” she protests.
Sonam Kapoor Says I am not work with her father (Anil Kapoor)
So there’s little chance of Anil and her coming together on screen? “We did advertise a pen brand together. But dad’s really busy and he’s hardly ever in India. He doesn’t even have time to advise my sister Rhea on our home productions,” she sighs. Is that why another home production, after Aisha, is yet to start rolling? “A few exciting scripts are being developed, we’ll zero in on one soon,” she promises. “It’s a small company so it takes time to get a film on the floors. Poor Rhea has to handle everything, it’s scary! But she did a good job with Aisha. It was made on a modest budget and looked like well-made. We need to top that now.”

Aisha fetched her a Golden Kela for Best Actress? A nonplussed Sonam retorts, “So what? Priyanka (Chopra) and Kareena (Kapoor) also bagged Golden Kelas for 2050 — A Love Story (2008) and Kambakht Ishq (2009) respectively. So I take it as a good omen.”
Wasn’t she disappointed when Thank You didn’t fare well at the box-office, given that she had been expecting another No Entry (2005) or Welcome (2007)? “It may not have broken box-office records, but it did as well as could be expected. We weren’t making a Mughal-e-Azam (1960) and we knew that. Some people liked me, some didn’t,” she shrugs.

Apparently, many people were upset with Sonam’s decision to work in a film that revolved around male chauvinists and degraded women. But the actor doesn’t agree. “I don’t think Thank You was dismissive to women in any way. If anything, it made the so-called weaker sex appear superior,” she argues. “I got a lot of positive reactions on Twitter. I’m proud of all my films.”

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