Monday, June 6, 2011

Big B shares memories of his wedding and honeymoon

As Bollywood most adorable couple, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan completes 38 years of the blissful married life, Big B walks down the memory lane and shares some sweet memories of their wedding and honeymoon.
"It`s past midnight right now... its the 3rd of June... and its our anniversary... 38 years since 1973 … !! Still remember the speed with which everything happened on that day. It was a quick decision. Marriages generally are," Big B posted on his blog.

"And before long I was heading across to a common friend`s place with my family for a simple Bengali wedding ceremony. Not many people at all. Just family and a couple of personal friends. There was a gentle quiver in the skies and a few drops of rain fell just before setting off.

"Some of the neighbours exclaimed that it was a good omen - the Gods send their greetings they said - and we were off !" he added.

The wedding is followed by a romantic honeymoon. The duo headed for London. "And before long off on a plane to London, for the very first time. In fact, for me and for Jaya too, the very first time out of the country - minus my short visit to Nepal in the mid 50`s," he posted.

"I remember being invited by Rajesh Khanna and his wife Dimple, also recently married to the hotel they were staying in for dinner and a celebration, and some of us, so taken up by the city, going out to the balcony of his suite and playing L O N D O N … LONDON !! A very innovative little game that we had all played when we were kids," he added.

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