Thursday, May 5, 2011

Salman Khan oversmart in 'Ready':

 Salman Khan, the lead actor of director Anees Bazmee's upcoming 'Ready' seems to have taken the front seat from the director. Sallu mia is busy editing the movie. Apparently, there was a fight on the sets of 'Ready' in Bangkok, which drove the director back home. This is to recall that the movie had just started shooting. Industry circles are abuzz with the news that Salman doesn't want to leave nothing to chance as he has had recently two super hits in 'wanted' and 'Dabangg'. On the other hand, director Anees bazmee has had two consecutive flops. Hence, Sallu has taken over the overall responsibility of the movie.
Salman Khan oversmart in 'Ready'
Though Anees agrees that Salman is very actively involved in 'Ready', the latter denies that Sallu is editing it. How could Sallu spare time for editing 'Ready' when he is too much engrossed in the shooting of his next 'Bodyguard'. Anees also denies the report that Sallu is doing post-production at his studio. He asserts that it's being done at a facility owned by T series and . Anyway, the fact remains that Sallu is keeping an eye on the movie continuously.

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