Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Katrina Kaif hungers for substantial roles now:

 Her smouldering performance in Sheila ki Jawaani may have left her fans asking for more, but it seems Katrina is now tired of playing the Barbie doll, and has sent feelers across the industry that she now wants to be cast in serious and meaningful roles.
Katrina Kaif hungers for substantial roles now
Sources say Katrina is tired of the song and dance, slapstick routines that have defined most of her movies up till now. However, it is this very record that has kept directors from offering her serious, acting- intensive roles But we are sure, with her bettering- by- the- day hindi diction, and increasingly convincing performances one after the other (Raajneeti, New York), we are sure her pleas won't be falling on deaf ears.

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