Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Kareena Kapoor Vs AsinKareena Kapoor is known for giving honest remarks about everyone, be it her friends or her contemporaries. However, little does the actress forget that her remarks often land her into trouble. Recently, Bebo happen to watch the Malyalam as well as Tamil version of of her upcoming Hindi remake ‘Bodyguard’. However, what followed later that after watching the movie, Kareena felt that nayanthara who played the lead in the Malyalam flick was much better than Asin who was the lead in the Tamil Version of ‘Bodyguard’.

Even though many actresses do not prefer to watch the original movies before acting in remakes, Kareena however had to watch the original version after director Siddique’s requested her to do so.

Apparently, after watching the movie, Kareena commented that she found Nayanthara’s acting more promising and real as compared to Asin. Besides, Bebo also complimented her look and said that she would try to implement in her character.

However, a smart that she is; Kareena immediately went on to clarifiy that she liked Asin’s performance too after feeling that her comment may hurt the girl. When contacted, Asin was in mood to stretch this matter and said that such remarks don’t affect her at all.

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