Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha would like to sort out the situation with Katrina Kaif:

Sonakshi Sinha would like to sort out the situation with Katrina Kaif Sonakshi Sinha wants to sort out the problem with Katrina Kaif. Sources close to Kat reveal that she believes the Dabangg girl is feeding the media with stories about how she has replaced 'Sheila' in at least three commercials and some films.

There is no competition or connection between the two girls except Salman Khan. While Kat is his ex-girlfriend, Sonakshi is his current blue-eyed girl. When Shotgun's beti heard about her senior's ire, she decided to connect with her and sort out the misunderstanding. She messaged Kat and offered to explain her side of the story, but the Tees Maar Khan actress hasn't reverted. It is clear that Kat is in no mood to forgive or forget. Excerpts...

Tell us about your peace offering. I texted her on Wednesday to sort things out. I wanted to make it clear from my side that I had nothing to do with the stuff being written about us. Pull out any of my interviews and you will see that never have I used the word 'replaced'. This war has been created. The fact is that she has worked hard to reach where she is today and no one can take that away from her and that is what I texted her. As of now, I haven't got a reply.

If she hasn't done so, it means she is still mad at you, right? I don't think so. She could be travelling or could be super busy. I'm not jumping to any conclusions. I'll still wait for her reply. I have made myself clear.

What made you text her? I was reading reports that she was upset and so I wanted to clear the air. It's stupid to be part of a war that you haven't started and are not even aware of. It's annoying because it upsets both people who are being written about. My text was just intended to be my clarification. I'm being respectful towards my senior.

Is your proximity to Salman the problem? I don't know why it should become an issue. We both have different connections with him. Salman is a family friend. We have known each other for ages now. My father worked with Salim Khan. We go back a long way. With her it's a totally different connection. Just because I started my career with him is no reason to fuel tension.

What about the sudden spurt of negative articles about you? I don't think Katrina is doing it. It's a part of our job. People love sensationalism and stories of competition. She is a huge star and my first film has been a huge hit and I'm somewhere today. People need something to talk about.

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