Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vidya Balan celebrate her 35th brithday:

The very name of Vidya Balan brings to us the image of a sweet and homely girl, whom everybody wants to take home before their mothers! Vidya is someone for whom every color in the world holds lots of significance. Her career will surely be ever-green with many sensational films under her belt. Let's face it...looking at her glowing and growing career, there are many heroines out there, who go green with envy!
Vidya Balan celebrate her 35th brithday
Well, the good news is that it's her birthday today and everyone in the world wants to be a part of this auspicious day! Be it her 'simply sensational' debut in Parineeta or her role of a distressed sister in the forthcoming mega flick No One Killed Jessica Vidya has been there, done that! What more can one ask for than to kick start the New Year with the Goddess of beauty herself!

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