Monday, January 17, 2011

Mallika Sherawat Says: I needed a taste of Hollywood:

Mallika Sherawat Says: I needed a taste of HollywoodRoushan Mishra flirted with Mallika Sherawat and even got his picture clicked by the bombshell for her microblogging site. Calling myself a fan of Mallika Sherawat is an understatement. Greatest fan, certainly. I'm a banker and given my work schedule, I hardly get any time to watch films.

But I do make the time to catch this diva's films. I have watched all of them (right from her '17 kisses' sensation Khwahish to the recent Hollywood flick Love Barack) and I admire her for her bold statements. When Mumbai Mirror informed me that I would get to meet her, I went shopping for new clothes!

I reached Filmistan where Mallika was shooting for her new reality show. 'Will I get to chat with her', 'will she be snooty', I thought, having heard of her nakhras. As I voiced my concerns, I was assured that Mallika will finish shooting soon and would meet me (I still couldn't believe my luck). I was armed with a bunch of questions, but when she walked into the studio; I had a sudden attack of amnesia. All I could see was her in a regal red gown and my head went blank.

As she flashed her smile, Mallika soon put me at ease by asking me about my profession and what it entails. In a bid to impress her, I explained about wealth management (my job) and soon forgot that I wasn't talking to a client but a star. It worked liked magic by doing away with the awkwardness and from there on, it was smooth sailing. I told her that I have watched all her films and also added that she should have been the lead in Jeena Sirf Mere Liye. Surprised, Mallika laughed, "I wish you were my director."

Soon the topic shifted to the kind of films she is doing. Speaking on the behalf of all her fans, I complained about her absence from the film industry. Mallika was quick to point out that now she is back in action with the reality show. "I wanted a taste of Hollywood," she said.

I have been following her on Twitter ever since she joined the networking site. While most actors just post just their daily routine, her updates are quite humorous, so I complimented her on her sense of humour. Mallika looked quite pleased and asked one of her assistants to take our picture. I was over the moon when she told me that she is going to post this picture on the social networking site. My friends are going to be so jealous!

I asked her what her definition of an ideal life partner is. "Honest," she replied quickly and then added, "I am very straightforward and don't think twice before calling a spade a spade. I want a man who will be honest to the core." (Ahem, I am pretty honest. I hate lies)

As I wished her luck and thanked her for her time, Mallika said, "Do check my update today. I am going to post our picture." I was elated. I am going to text my friends to log in to the site for a surprise. Eat your heart out, guys.

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