Friday, December 24, 2010

Katrina Kaif Says: I utilize my phone just for making calls:

 Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif who is getting the pulse of Indian audience racing in the number "Sheila Ki Jawaani" uses her mobile for just making phone calls, while many of her colleagues from entertainment industry are hooked on to social networking sites application on their mobile phones to keep in touch with family, fans and friends.
Katrina Kaif Says: I utilize my phone just for making calls
Katrina Kaif said to Telecom Yatra here at an Airtel press conference, "I use my cell only for making calls."Kaif has come to Delhi along with Akshay Kumar to promote their forthcoming movie Tees Maar Khan on Airtel's network. The telco is the exclusive mobile service partner of the movie.

Commenting on the tie up to promote Tees Maar Khan, the chief marketing officer of mobile services at Bharti Airtel, Shireesh Joshi, said, "Airtel is committed towards improving the customer experience with innovative mobile service offerings and fresh content that help people enjoy different forms of entertainment, and Tees Maar Khan is a step towards this."

Airtel has also created a Tees Maar Khan mobile game for its subscribers, which can be downloaded from Airtel Live for Rs 99.

Tees Maar Khan, the character in the game, has to rob a series of banks, museums and a train filled with tons of gold, tactfully avoiding patrolling guards and various high-tech security devices. The game is broken into three stages.

Inspired from the scenes of the movie, stage one is about a bank robbery where the gamer has to cross three levels of bank robbery by breaking through the security, cracking the lock and escaping with the loot before the alarm is activated.

Stage two is the museum heist in which Tees Maar Khan has to steal precious artifacts from some famous museums and pass through three another levels to qualify for the final stage - the great train robbery.

In this stage the gamer has to rob a moving train. He has to jump from one bogey to another, reach the special compartments to infiltrate the heavily guarded interior and steal the precious cargo through three levels.

Apart from the game, a 15 minute version of the film will be made available by Airtel for its subscribers ten days after the theatrical release of the movie.

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