Saturday, December 25, 2010

Katrina Kaif could be supreme the roost in Bollywood

Katrina Kaif could be prevailing the roost in Bollywood, but she had to challenge rejection at MasterChef India secured by Akshay Kumar. The judges spat the omelette that she had actually whipped up on the show following tasting it, abandoning Kaif practically in tears.
Katrina Kaif could be supreme the roost in Bollywood
Kaif appears on the finale episode of the show tonight as part of the promotions of Tees Maar Khan.
Kaif could not handle rejection easily.  Asked about her uncharacteristic display of emotions over just an omelette, Katrina doesn't do her usual I-am-too-prim-to-react act.
She says, "I agree I was very upset. But it was not 'just an omelette'. I made it on the show. That is the only thing I can make in the kitchen. And I'm very confident about my omelettes. When everyone on MasterChef hated its taste, I was devastated. I felt humiliated."It took Katrina a while to figure out the reason why her preparation turned out so badly.

"Only later I  got to  know that after I had finished making my omelette, Akshay poured a whole cup of salt into it. That's why it became unpalatable," she says. Though Akshay cracked up in glee at his own prank, Katrina was not amused. "An omelette is the only proof of my cooking skills. I didn't feel good about it being messed up."

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