Saturday, December 25, 2010

Elle Magazine blamed for 'whitening' Bollywood star's skin

 Readers have accused the publication of digitally "bleaching" the 37-year-old's skin so that she appears several shades lighter. Inside the magazine, Bachchan also appears in a series of glamorous photographs with pale skin, the Daily Mail reports. Fans commenting on the cover were upset by the image. One wrote: "It seems like lighter skin is always in fashion, as if darker skin is something to be frowned upon."Another said "They photoshop and airbrush ever freaking cover... every magazine does it."
Elle Magazine blamed for 'whitening' Bollywood star's skin
The website said Buchan was quite fair-skinned but did look "excessively pale" on the cover. The race row comes after the fashion magazine was accused of lightening the skin of Precious star Gabourey Sidibe on the cover of the US edition. The magazine denied it. Skin colour is a sensitive issue in India, where the whitening market is worth millions despite strong opposition from groups who believe the products are discriminatory and outdated.

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